LS18 Rocks is a fresh inspiring live music learning experience like no other.

We are a growing community of musicians of all ages and abilities that put learning music in a live setting at the core of what we do.

Everyone who gets involved is given the platform to shine, whether they get their kicks pounding out heavy beats and basslines, strutting riffs and lush harmonies, or yearn to be up front in the spotlight entertaining their adoring fans!

All musicians are welcome here where your inner rockstar will be unleashed!

What is it?

It’s an approach to music performance that caters for all levels of musician, beginners to advanced and children to adults, where each participant's unique and diverse personality is celebrated and catered for.

It is an adaptable learning experience devised with the belief that the best way to develop skills is by playing alongside other musicians in a band setting.

It is delivered and taught using authentic tried and tested techniques gained over many years spent in rehearsal rooms, playing professionally, tutoring music and working in the performing arts.

Learning in rehearsals

In the weekly live music rehearsal we ensure that creativity, learning and fun are at the heart of each 90 minute session. Instruments and equipment are provided, ready for your talents to bring the room to life.

As you progress each week you will gain more confidence to express yourself through structured routines and process.

Actively listening and developing your musical ear is put at the centre of your skills development each session. In addition you will be supported to learn to read music off cue sheets.

The material played in sessions ranges from time honoured classics, right up to present day hits. Through these routines you will become empowered and motivated to develop and nurture yourself and your bandmates by playing brilliant music arranged and selected to meet your specific needs.

LS18 Rocks ensures each group builds a tailored live set together each week that guarantees you gain the pleasure and satisfaction in knowing that you are creating your very own piece of rock and roll history and playing a crucial role when the time comes to hit the stage.

Performance events

The live performance events are where you can express your creativity and showmanship, wow your audience and do your thing in an authentic live music experience. The thrill of a great gig is a unique experience you and your bandmates will share. Gigging together will create lasting effects on your skills as a musician, driving you on to the next level.

Who knows it might just be the your first step on an odyssey towards musical nirvana, fame, fortune and rocking the main stage at music festivals the world over.

We are there to ensure you have a brilliant time together on stage, sound and look great and create memories you, your family and friends can cherish.

Become a real live musician

Each session provides a well thought out and structured learning environment where whatever your level you will be given the means and opportunity to:

You will have lots of fun in a friendly, supportive environment, while developing your performing skills and experience, in a way that is hard to do simply by practicing your music alone. With LS18 Rocks you really can reach for the stars and beyond.

1-to-1 lessons

If you would like to further develop your enjoyment and perfect your performance level we are able to provide 1 to 1 lessons which focus on you and developing your individual musicianship or they can be used to supplement your development in the live sessions.

Lessons are available on guitar, bass, drums and keyboards.

If you are interested in studying towards a grade examination we have a 100% pass rate with students we have prepared and submitted for ABRSM and Rock School qualifications and working towards these qualifications can be just the goal you require to take your music to the next level of achievement and enjoyment.


For further information contact Jonnie Khan: